The Obermark Team has the privilege of working with managers, employees and former owners of the businesses that are now part of the Obermark group of companies.  We are unified in our focus on the continuous development of the companies entrusted to us.

Dr. Peter Sewing
Hagen Schulte
Hubertus Helms
Ruth Hormess
Ne Ri Ihmor
Anke Jodes
Tania Kästle
Lucas Kleine
Alexandra Lankes
Mengru Lei
Stephan Müller
David Nlend
Simon Pokar
Matthias Schiller
Ludwig Siegel
Dr. Johannes Stemmer
Christian Theis
Marie-Astrid Willems


Every company and each employee are unique and have a distinct history.  The following texts offer an impression of the motivation, perspective and convictions of the people behind the stories.