inotec group is a certified user of the German Sustainability Code (DNK)

The inotec group, Europe's leading experts in permanent labelling with barcodes and radio frequency identification (RFID), is developing a transformation concept for energy and resource efficiency and will make its sustainability performance transparent as a certified user of the DNK. Vanessa Hoffmann has been appointed as ESG manager.


The inotec group, headquartered in Neumünster, utilises the German Sustainability Code (Deutscher Nachhaltigkeitskodex – DNK) for its sustainability reporting. This transparency standard was created by the German Council for Sustainable Development (Rat für Nachhaltige Entwicklung – RNE) to support companies in developing a sustainability strategy and getting started with sustainability reporting. Regular reports make the sustainable development of inotec group visible over time. The system provider of durable labelling solutions for the digital transformation such as barcodes and RFID fulfils all 20 criteria and additional non-financial performance indicators that are necessary for the certified application of the DNK.

As a certified DNK user, the company also delivers reports on one of its most important goals for a sustainable future: the transformation towards lower greenhouse gas emissions. As an initial transformative step, and one for which federal funding has been obtained, inotec group is developing a professional concept for energy and resource efficiency.

"It is crucial for our further efforts that we understand the status quo of our resource consumption and our carbon footprint," says Niels Markus Arens, Co-Managing Director at inotec group, adding that even this initial step requires highly complex analyses: "It's all about determining greenhouse gas emissions across our entire supply chain, which is a very challenging task." 

He and his team at inotec group are therefore particularly pleased and appreciative that the federal government has agreed to fund 40 per cent of the total investment for this project. The group is working with an external energy consultant to develop the transformation concept. The contact came about through committed employees.

Support from ESG manager
"We are delighted that the workforce is so actively supporting this process with their motivation and numerous ideas," says Arens. The company expects further support from the appointment of an ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) manager. Vanessa Hoffmann has held this important position since November 2023 and brings with her a wealth of experience, knowledge, and expertise in these areas.

"With Vanessa Hoffmann on board, we are confident that we can achieve our ESG goals and further strengthen our efforts for a sustainable future," says Dr Ulf Sparka, Co-Managing Director at inotec group.

In her new role, Vanessa Hoffmann will lead the development and implementation of a comprehensive ESG strategy and ensure that sustainability is integrated into all business processes and decisions. She wears a special pin depicting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals that has become her trademark: "This is known as the SDG wheel," explains Hoffmann, adding: "With the 2030 Agenda, the member states of the United Nations have been developing a roadmap for transforming the world for the better in terms of a more sustainable society, as regards both its economy and environment by 2030. I wear this pin as a symbol of support for the Sustainable Development Goals."

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Kirstin Heidenwag