Across over 100 years’ history, THUN.Automotive has developed into a successful niche supplier for the automotive industry.


The company as a toolbox

At THUN.Automotive production processes are conceptualized with a focus on the necessary tools.  The company has an exceptionally varied inventory of tools and machinery, which allows for a rigorous insourcing strategy.  While competitors outsource production processes, THUN.Automotive increasingly bundles manufacturing in-house.  This has a positive effect on its market position, financial results and production quality.

As part of this strategy, THUN.Automotive has acquired former competitors and successfully integrated their skills, tools and equipment into the company.  This has expanded the company’s vertical integration and strengthened its organic growth and profitability outlook.

THUN.Automotive today supplies all major German automakers, often in volumes of several million components annually.


A restraining bar for a renowned car manufacturer

A restraining bar like the one THUN.Automotive produces for a renowned car manufacturer looks like a trivial component: a straw-thick wire, bent into a U-shape, and connected to a holder.  The manufacturing steps are, however, numerous: bending, pressing, stamping, compressing, caulking and cleaning.

A traditional metal processor would normally contract out several of these steps because they require different production technologies and skills.  THUN.Automotive produces everything in its own production facility, leveraging its own expertise and availability of the necessary tools.

This strategy saves time and money.  In addition, quality standards can be enforced more efficiently during in-house production, enabling THUN.Automotive to profitably produce premium quality components at a competitive price per unit.  Several million restraining bars are supplied to the car manufacturer annually.

Facts and figures
Menge des pro Jahr verarbeiteten Metalls:
Facts and figures
Time required to fully manufacture a restraining bar:
Facts and figures
Average number of steps per component:


Global presence

THUN.Automotive supplies Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Volkswagen, General Motors and Audi in Asia, Europe, and North America.  In total, THUN.Automotive exports to 39 countries in addition to the company’s German home market.


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